10 Meanings of Dreams of Seeing Leeches According to Islam and Primbon

What’s up dude rumussol.com on this occasion we will share insights about the meaning of dreams about leeches – based on interpretations according to Islam and Javanese primbon.

Dream Meaning of Seeing Leeches – Some people think that dreams are sleeping flowers, but dreams also often make people curious about their meaning and significance.

As with the meaning of dreams of seeing leeches, for more details, let’s just look at the reviews below (…)

Leeches are one of the animals that can suck the blood found in the human body.

In general, dreams of seeing leeches symbolize disappointment, habits, thoughts and emotions.

According to psychologists and founders of psychoanalysis, there are 3 levels of consciousness in the life of the soul, including:

  • Unconscious {unconscious}
  • Sadar {conscious}
  • Prasadar {preconscious}

10 Meanings of Dreams of Seeing Leeches Based on the Javanese Primbon Philosophy

In a Javanese primbon there are so many meanings and philosophies about dreams that are experienced by every human being.

which sometimes we ourselves are afraid of the meaning and meaning of the dreams we experience, below are some dreams related to the meaning of dreams of seeing leeches including:

1. The Meaning of Dreams of Seeing a Big Leech

Dreaming of seeing a leech that has a very large size has a sign that you should be able to better prepare yourself for the trials that will occur in your personal life.

2. The meaning of dreams of seeing leeches coming out of the mouth

If you have a dream about leeches coming out of your mouth, it is a bad sign in your life.

Dreams like that will usually arise a problem that usually arises from your own words that can offend people.

For that, from now on you have to be smart in filtering every word that comes out of your mouth so that this cannot happen.

3. Dream Meaning of Killing Leeches

If you have a dream of killing leeches, it is a bad sign or symbol according to Javanese primbon.

Because this dream symbolizes that you will break up with your lover because of a third person who interferes with your relationship.

so that does not happen then immediately improve communication between you and your lover.

4. Dream Meaning of Seeing Leeches Sticking to the Body

Dreaming about a leech attached to a limb or body has a very bad sign.

A dream like this shows that you will be stricken with a very serious illness that will make you and your family feel very scared.

5. Dream of Seeing Leeches Entering Ears

If you dream about leeches entering your ears, it is a bad sign for you and your extended family.

The dream about this gives a sign that you and your family will receive news about a deceased relative, but we will return all of that to God.

6. Dream Meaning of Biting Leeches

If you dream that you are bitten by a leech, it gives a sign or symbol that you will face a very big problem in the household.

The problem arises from yourself because you can’t keep your attitude and words.

So therefore from now on you must be able to maintain your attitude and words so that all this does not happen.

7. The Meaning of Seeing Leeches On Feet

Dreaming about seeing leeches on the legs shows that your life is full of struggles.

In addition, someone will come to try to take away from the business you have managed for years.

8. Dream Meaning of Seeing White Leeches

When you dream of seeing white has a good sign because you will get abundant fortune, which you yourself do not know or confused about the fortune that comes.

But still all that must be balanced by hard work and prayer to God.

9. Dream of Seeing Black Leeches

If you have a dream of meeting a black leech, it is a bad sign for the dreamer.

This indicates that you have to be wiser and careful in making every decision so you don’t make a wrong move.

Besides that you will get a problem at your place of work.

10. The Meaning of Seeing Many Leeches

If you have a dream of seeing many leeches, that is a very good sign.

The meaning of this dream is that in the near future you will get a promotion from the leadership of the company where you work, but all that will not happen if there is no hard work and prayer.

Thus the friend is all about a very simple commentary on the meaning of the dream of seeing a leech.

Hopefully it can be useful and useful for all of you friends and thank you

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