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10 Best Tapioca Flour Brands for All Cooking Needs

Tapioca flour is one type of flour that is widely used in the cooking process. This coarse flour has a fairly strong binding capacity. The distinctive color in it can be used as a differentiator with other types of flour. Tapioca flour brands are now growing a lot.

Brands that have developed a lot can make it easier for you as a consumer. However, if you are not selective in choosing, you can consume flour with poor quality. Worst of all, health problems can attack your body.

Tips for Choosing Tapioca Flour

Choosing tapioca flour is a unique thing that can get you into trouble. However, what needs to be understood is choosing tapioca as one way to ensure that the food that enters the body is safe for consumption. Here are tips for choosing a good flour:

1. See Flour Color

The color of good tapioca flour is a brilliant white color, it even sparkles when exposed to light. The brilliant white color is obtained from the type of cassava used. The cassava used is of course the best cassava.

If the color of the flour tends to be dull, it’s a good idea not to take the flour. It is better to look for other flour with good criteria too. A bright color can be an indicator of good flour.

2. Hold the Flour Texture


You can feel the texture of the flour even when the flour is in the package. Don’t be afraid to feel the texture of the flour, because this is one of the methods used to ensure the authenticity of the flour.

In addition to the authenticity of the flour, the quality of the flour can also be seen in this way. If the coarse flour, especially if you hold the micro-organisms that live in it, you can be sure the flour is not in good condition.

3. Don’t fall for the cheap price

Don't Be-Eat-Cheap-Price

Lastly, don’t be fooled by the low price. It’s a good idea to avoid flour with a very low price. The reason is that the selling price is slanted for a specific purpose.

One of them sells flour with poor quality. You should also pay attention tapioca flour brand to be able to convince why the flour is sold at such a low price.

10 Best Tapioca Flour Brands

Tapioca flour is also called starch or cassava flour, and is widely used even as a main food source in various regions of Indonesia. Those of you who are looking for the best flour brand can consider the 10 brands below:

1. Pure Tapioca Flour Crown Dollar


The first legendary brand that you can use is the Mahkota Dollar brand tapioca flour. With the tagline pure tapioca flour, you will be given the best cassava starch with a natural drying process.

The reason, this flour is obtained from a natural drying process in the sun. Therefore this flour is more durable and lasts longer even when stored in a dark place.

2. Liauw Lion Pit Tapioca Flour Tjap Tani


Another legendary brand that has been around for a long time in Indonesia, tapioca flour stamped by Tani from Liauw Lion Pit. This brand has been widely used since ancient times even today.

Its best quality can make food more chewy and last longer. The authentic taste is still maintained today. Those of you who want the best results in cooking can choose this brand.

3. General Starch Limited Tapioca


Tapioca flour imported directly from Thailand has a characteristic bright white color with a soft texture. In addition, the texture that is not too rough is one of the characteristics of this brand.

This flour is mostly sold in sacks, so it is a little difficult for those of you who want to buy it on a small scale. This flour is more widely used in large industrial factories.

4. Tapioca Flour Cap Gunung Agung


Cap Gunung Agung tapioca flour is widely used because of its good quality. The brilliant white color with the authentic taste of tapioca is one of the attractions of this tapioca flour.

In addition, this tapioca flour has a fairly economical selling price. Sold per half kilo, you can enjoy the highest quality flour only at a very cheap price.

5. Tapioca Flour Cap Rose Brand

Flour- Tapioca-Cap-Rose-Brand

Rose brand does not only issue wheat flour or rice flour. This brand also produces tapioca flour products with superior quality. Tapioca flour from this brand has no doubt about the results.

Those of you who want definitely delicious results with high taste can choose this brand of flour. This flour is also widely available not only in supermarkets, but also in grocery stores near your home.

6. Tapioca Flour Cap Tani Rose Brand

Flour- Tapioca-Cap-Tani-Rose-Brand

Rose Brand also issued its tapioca flour product with a different stamp. Cap Tani is one of the leading flour products in the sale of this brand. Better results can certainly be obtained.

Cap Tani offers you the experience of processing flour easily and practically. The results obtained will be very satisfying, especially those of you who cook with tapioca flour as the basic ingredient.

7. Bob’s Red Mill Tapioca


Want healthy tapioca flour? You can choose tapioca flour with the Bob’s Red Mill brand. This flour is made from selected cassava grown without any genetic engineering.

Thus, the results will be much healthier and taste better because there is no chemical interference or artificial genetic products in it. Are you interested in using this flour product?

8. Lima Cassava Flour Farm


Ladang Lima is a tapioca flour brand made from selected cassava. With modern packaging, you can get the sensation of cooking from flour producers with the latest technology.

Not much different from other tapioca flour, this flour can also be used for various types of processes for making regional specialties, both main dishes and side dishes.

9. Tapioca Flour Deli Ball

Flour- Tapioca-Ball-Deli

Next is the Deli Bola tapioca flour. Flour with local brands is widely sold in supermarkets and online markets. This flour is widely used because of its soft texture.

This brand of flour is also quite easy to process. In addition, the price offered is quite cheap. Suitable for those of you who are hunting for cooking ingredients with a fairly low rupiah value.

10. Round Organic Tapioca Flour

Circle-Organic- Tapioca-Flour

Finally, there is tapioca flour which is taken from organic raw materials with organic processing as well. Organic processing means, not added with any type of chemical substance.

Thus, this flour is quite safe for consumption, both for young and old. Those of you who are looking for healthy flour and come from organic ingredients, can choose this superior brand.

Tapioca flour is widely used as a basic ingredient in the manufacture of main foods. On the island of Java itself, there are many snacks made from this flour. Therefore, choosing the right flour can encourage the production of delicious snacks too.

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