10 Best Portable (Gas) Stoves that are Safe and Lightweight

For those of you who like outdoor activities such as camping, then there’s nothing wrong with having the best portable stove personally. Currently, you will find it easier to find well-known brands of portable stoves on the market.

How to Choose the Best Portable Stove

1. Fuel Efficiency

Portable stoves are often used indoors and outdoors. Therefore, pay attention to how the resulting fuel efficiency. There are several brands that already guarantee the level of efficiency in the use of fuel.

2. There are Wind Protection Facilities

Presence-Facilities-Wind Shield

If you want to buy a portable stove that is used outdoors, then the presence of wind protection facilities is something you should pay attention to.

3. Easy to Carry


Having a relatively simple body and light weight is the best choice of stoves that you will buy. Because, these two things can simplify the process of carrying and estimating the required area of ​​​​the place.

4. Basic Ingredients


Check the basic materials used to make this portable stove. It is better to choose a stove made of iron, aluminum, or stainless.

5. Availability of Security Facilities


The security guarantee facility provided by the stove is one of the most important things. Some stoves are equipped with these safety facilities, such as automatic lighters and pass the SNI standard.

Best Portable Stove Recommendations

Although there are many well-known brands on the market, not all portable stoves have good quality. So that you have an idea when buying a portable stove, here are the 10 best portable stove recommendations that you can choose:

1. Nikita Portable Gas Stove


Nikita is indeed one of the manufacturers of portable stoves that you can choose. This stove has 1 burner. The furnace can function 2 in 1. In addition, the Nikita brand portable stove is also supplied with two different types of gas fuel.

This stove is also equipped with a stove nozzle connector which is useful for the installation of LPG gas cylinders. Thus, this portable stove is perfect for you to use for indoor and outdoor activities.

The presence of a wind shield makes this stove very useful when used outdoors. The flame that comes out of this stove is quite smooth and clean. This is due to the presence of an electronic lighter facility.

In addition, the soup holder facility is very useful to help avoid spills that may occur during the cooking process. The two gaseous fuels are canned butane gas and 3–12 kg LPG gas.

2. Miyako Portable Gas Stove


Furthermore, the Miyako Kg-101C type is one of the portable stoves with good quality. This stove does have the ability to save fuel up to 0.15 kg/hour. In total, the efficiency created is around 64.9%.

Having a simple shape and light enough weight to make this type of portable stove can make it easier for you when carrying it. What’s more, the Miyako stove with the Kg-101C type already meets SNI standards.

Therefore, there is no need to doubt the safety issues of this stove. The type of gas cylinder used by this stove consists of two types, namely gas cans measuring 220 gr or gas cylinders of 3-12 kg.

3. Winn Portable Stove


Winn portable stove type W-1B is one of the stoves that is widely used by people today. This stove is made of iron plate with an enamel coating, where this layer is very useful to help prevent the risk of rust.

This type of portable stove is also equipped with a brass-based stove. With these materials, the furnace becomes more durable. The existence of an electric piezo lighter and an automatic extinguishing system makes this stove the best level of safety.

This portable stove with the Winn brand can use two different types of gas cylinders, namely small cans of gas cylinders with LPG gas cylinders with a size of 3-12 kg.

4. Cosmos Gas Travel 2 in 1


Having a simple shape and relatively light weight makes this Cosmos brand portable stove easy to carry anywhere. Not only that, this type of portable stove is also equipped with a very responsive lighter.

Having a stainless base material makes this stove easy to clean from dirt. You don’t need to worry if you want to cook in large portions, because this stove is equipped with a large enough stove.

5. Sayota NAC 155


Not only capable of producing electronic goods. This time, Sayota has started to produce a portable stove with the NAC 155 type. This stove is designed with a shape that looks small.

However, this type of portable stove also has a large size stove. So, you can adjust the size of the pan that will be used. The existence of an automatic lighter makes this stove has a fairly good level of security.

The advantage offered by this type of portable stove is the existence of an energy-saving system in the use of gas. This can help you to reduce the purchase of gas cylinders.

6. Progas Portable Gas Stove


Passing the SNI standard test makes this Progas portable stove has quite capable safety. The basic material used to make the body of this stove is Teflon.

Of course, these ingredients are useful as anti-sticky various dirt that may be scattered when you cook. In addition, this stove is equipped with an LPG connector. This connector can be used for LPG gas cylinders with a size of 3–12 kg.

7. Quantum QGC-101R


The next recommendation is the Quantum QGC-101R. Besides being made of Teflon material on the body, this type of portable stove is also equipped with a burner made of stainless steel.

Not only that, this type of stove also has an electric lighter that makes it easier for you to light a fire. In fact, this stove is also claimed to be able to save fuel energy.

8. Oxone 2 in 1 LPG & Gas Butane


For those of you who have been in the camping world for a long time, you are certainly no stranger to the Oxone 2 in 1 LPG & Butane Gas stove. This type of portable stove is indeed widely used by nature explorers.

Made of stainless steel, this stove is not easy to rust. In fact, this type of portable stove is also coated with anti-scratch protective paint. Not only that, the automatic lighter and wind protector make this portable stove look more perfect.

9. Kenmaster KM-180B


Having a relatively light weight, the Kenmaster brand stove with the KM-180B type is easy to carry by the owner in all conditions. Special nozzle facilities also make this stove can be used for LPG gas sizes 3–12 kg.

This type of portable stove is classified as durable because it is made of aluminum base material. So, you don’t have to worry about bringing it in an outdoor area. In addition, this stove is also equipped with a large stove.

10. Rinnai RI-150CC


The last recommendation for a portable stove with the best quality is the Rinnai RI-150CC. This brand is already very widely used by the wider community. The top of this portable stove is indeed made of non-stick material.

That way, it will be easier for you to clean the stains that stick to the surface of the stove. The existence of a lock and unlock feature makes this type of portable stove have a fairly good level of security.

There is nothing wrong if you pay attention to several ways and consider the recommendations above when buying a portable stove. Whatever brand it is, you should pay close attention to the information on the stove

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