10 Best Offline Anime Games for Android 2021 (Small Size)

One of the requirements of the best Android offline anime games is gameplay in the game should not be boring and addictive. In addition, you should be able to play the game over and over again without having to look for other players. Currently, there are many anime games that can be played alone.

The availability of this quality anime game is quite a lot. You can play anime games from action to simulation genres. Here are the 10 best anime Android games that you can play right now.

List of Android Offline Anime Games

1. One Piece Bounty Rush

This game has great graphics quality and controls that can’t be said to be difficult. One Piece Bounty Rush invites all One Piece fans to form a ship’s crew strongest pirate. collect weapons, skilland cherish and make yourself a respected pirate king.

The world in this game is authentic with the inner world manga One Piece. You can battle in iconic places that appear in the manga and anime One Piece. Develop your character and make sure you develop it well so you don’t lose every time you do battle.

2. Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage


This fun-to-play action strategy game is not to be missed. In this game, it is guaranteed that you will not get bored doing various types combo and choose complete the right way to kill the enemy. Controls for a variety of complex moves were not difficult to demonstrate.

There are many missions in this game that you can complete. Each mission is very challenging and forces you to bring out the best in your abilities. You can collect many iconic characters in the world of Naruto and form the strongest ninja clan that is undefeated and legendary.

3. School Girl Simulator


As the name implies, in this game you will be a schoolboy and live a life like a schoolboy in Japan. This Android offline anime game, which is popular for girls, turns out to have interesting and not boring gameplay.

There are many activities that you can do in this game. You can come to school, study, chat with classmates, find a boyfriend and date, or work part time. What’s pretty crazy is the Zombie attack simulation where you can be the hero in that mode.

4. Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team


It’s time for you to form a dream team of famous soccer players in Captain Tsubasa’s world. Besides being fun and tense, this game can also be a nostalgic arena for those of you who want to get back to enjoying one of the most popular manga and anime. Each player has unique skills.

You can enjoy all player skills in the most authentic form, aka the same as the skills shown in the comics. These skills appear spectacular in cool 3D animation. Gather top players, do training that can unlock hidden skills, and become the best.

5. Battle Dokkan Dragon Ball Z


Dokkan Battle is not only the best Dragon Ball game for Android but is the best anime game for Android. This game manages to use a simple and fresh approach in presenting the fighting game genre action. The combat in this game is 100% epic.

All the characters in the world of Dragon Ball appear here. This means that you can find and play characters from Goku as a kid to characters that appear today, such as Beerus. Play story mode to enjoy an epic story from the world of Dragon Ball across generations.

This Android offline anime game provides addictive and competitive gameplay. Besides you have to be good at pressing buttons, you are also required to do good planning to be able to win every battle. Be rash and hurry and you will be crushed in seconds.

6. Goddess Kiss


An action game where the characters you can play are beautiful women, of course, Goddess Kiss. You will be impressed with the graphic details of this game. In this game, you will take on the role of a commander who commands a team of dangerous beautiful girls.

Besides featuring futuristic action-packed gameplay and Mecha-themed, this game also offers virtual mechanics calendar. You can give a variety of attractive gifts to the girls of your subordinates that will increase their enthusiasm and make you more loved by them.

7. Epic Conquest

Epic Conquest

This game is quite light and simple. You will be playing a fantasy romance-themed action RPG game. For those looking for a memorable anime solo gaming experience, don’t miss Epic Conquest. You are guaranteed to spend hours playing this game completing an interesting story.

In addition to an interesting story, this game also offers a challenging level of difficulty. Please develop the character according to the specialization you choose, maximize the weakness of each Boss at the end of the level and collect many unique and rare costumes that will increase your playing time.

8. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom


The next best offline anime game for Android is Sonic Dash 2. This runner genre game is light and you can play without too much thought. All you need to do is run, collect points, avoid every obstacle that comes your way, and be the fastest in the world of Sonic.

SEGA as the developer of this game understands that it is boring to play Sonic games with the same world. SEGA managed to provide a level design that is creative and not boring. Sonic is given special skills that are fun to use when conquering each level in the game.

9. Bang Dream Girls Band Party


This anime rhythm game or music game will bring you fun with merry Japanese anime songs. No half-hearted, there are more than 200 anime songs that you can play in this game with various levels of difficulty. You are guaranteed not to get bored playing it.

The songs that appear in this game are not ordinary songs. There are many popular songs from J-Pop artists as well as theme songs from famous artists that you can play in this game. Bang Dream Girl Band Party is undeniably one of the best Anime music games ever for Android.

10. Armor Blitz


Not all Tank war games contain all men. In Armor Blitz, in addition to fighting with various futuristic weapons that are extremely destructive, you also have the opportunity to have a romantic relationship with the cute and beautiful women who are members of your team.

Do not underestimate this game because to win the battle you need a solid strategy and proper execution. A good storyline in this game plus an interesting virtual dating feature is an additional attraction of a game that takes the theme of destruction in the future world.

You may be confused after seeing the list of the best offline anime games for Android above. Calm down, no need to be confused, just play which game can make you forget the time in solitude. That’s the main benefit of an offline game that doesn’t need friends to play at all.

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