10 Best HD Quality Video Call Applications For Latest Android Phones 2022

Best Video Calling Apps – Hello… In this rapidly growing era, technology video call very useful for many people.

For people living abroad, organizations that want a meeting but are limited by place and time, teachers and students and others, simply do video call and all can talk directly.

And now, to do video call can do it with enough smartphone and apps video call which provides call service videos.

Well, in this article Malavida.co.id will provide some application recommendations video call best

The Best Video Calling Apps For Cellphones

Below are some applications video call which you can use for free with HD quality. Anything can do video call more than 4 people or many participants.

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1. Skype


Skype is very popular as a calling app videos the best in the world. Before arriving at the device smartphoneSkype is already on the computer.

So don’t be surprised if its users are very loyal to this one application, reaching more than 250 million users worldwide. Now Skype can be enjoyed on Android devices as well as other operating systems.

Until now Skype users have reached 250 million people. Every day Skype continues to try to develop each of its features so that users are more satisfied with its interesting features.

2. Google Duo

google duo

Although relatively new, Google Duo has captured the hearts of its users and is becoming increasingly popular. Proven by downloads that reach 400,000 times or more and continue to increase all the time.

Google Duo offers an application with a very simple and simple user interface with quality assurance videos very good or HD.

3. imo


Imo is a calling app videos simple for Android and iOS already support any type of network, be it 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi. This application offers features chattingvoice calls, and calls videos.

Even so, this application is predicted to save more quota even with call quality videos HD compared to other applications.

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4. Tango Live Mode

Tango which is the best video calling app for Android devices. Why is that? This is because the quality of the video calls produced by this application is quite good.

Recently, the developers have been continuously improving this app with the latest exciting features like instant messaging services as well as voice calling. Through Tanggo you can also meet new people and make friends with features video call provided.

Users can join groups with many participants to chat and discuss different things or hobbies. No wonder Tango has now become one of the favorite applications among others.

5. KakaoTalk


KakaoTalk is a multi chat application platform which can be used across platform such as Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.

Application videos call currently has more than 150 million users and is spread all over the world, especially in Asia. Call feature videos which is good is one of the reasons many users choose KakaoTalk.

Coupled with the group feature chattingsound filter, and also supports Android Use. To use this application you can download it directly for free on the Google Play Store.

6. Wechat


Furthermore, there is a WeChat application that can be used to do video call. Through this application, users can chat to voice calls in groups.

The developer claims that WeChat has a calling app videos best in the world that can be used for free.

With this application, you can connect with family, friends and lovers who are far out of town or abroad with the features video call.

If the internet connection is not stable, users can immediately switch to chat or voice calls. To date, WeChat has been downloaded more than 100 million times via the Google Play Store.

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7. WhatsApp Mods

what is it

Application video call This best one was popular as an instant messenger application. Its easy and simple features make it popular with many smartphone users.

Now, WhatsApp is not just a chat app on line with contacts stored on your device.

Because you can use it to make calls videosNot only with one user, you can even make multiple video calls.

So you can make calls videos more than one or 2 even 8 users more.

8. LINE Mod

line mode

Application video call The next best is LINE, which is not only popular in Indonesia but also worldwide. Having more than 600 million active users worldwide, LINE is claimed to be one of the calling apps videos best

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9. Messenger Lite

messenger lite

Facebook is not only a social media that can connect every user, now users can also make calls videos with the Messenger app.

To do video call via Messenger is also very easy, just tap the phone icon in this application, then select video call.

But before doing video call using Facebook Messenger, make sure the person you are talking to also has the Facebook Messenger application on smartphonehe.

10. Instagram Vs

instagram mods

Besides being used to make calls videos private, Instagram also allows its users to make calls videos group

In a group call, you can do this with more than 5 people. To be precise, you can make group video calls with up to 6 people.

To use the call feature videos on Instagram, all you have to do is head to Direct messages the person you mean.

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Those are some application recommendations video call best, save quota with HD quality. Share this article with your friends. May be useful.

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