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Everyone knows the countless benefits of Kalonji. Mixing a pinch of Kalonji with eight to ten drops of pure honey and licking it with your index finger every morning after reciting In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, cures many diseases. Apart from this, kalonji also has the following benefits: Char kalonji oil, when heated and applied to a warm head, relieves cold, flu and headache.

  • By eating kalonji, the dehydration of the body goes away. 7 Putting Kalonji oil on the body removes moles. By gargling hoi kalonji even in water, the cavity of the tooth is removed. By taking Haa Kalonji in the head, the phlegm is cured. By inhaling the fumes of all kalonji mosquitoes, mosquitoes, etc. die. By mixing two parts of poppy seed oil and one part of Klonji oil and massaging it on the skin, insomnia is reduced. Consuming 6 drops of Klonji oil with milk at night removes mucus from the respiratory tract. 7 – Kalonji is mixed in the head and placed on the boil or fibula, and the boil will disappear.

Applying Klonji oil to the itchy area relieves itching. Stomach pain is treated by eating both kalonji and half of the black salt. * Mixing Kalonji oil and sesame oil in the ear relieves ear pain. White musouli, muesli siya, klonji, sunth, and put in curry should not be equated with. Useful for nerve pain

Kalonji benefits
  1. Clooney has a useful property in diseases of the head and neck. While his temperament is warm and useful in all diseases caused by cold. 2. Clove is an elixir for the digestive system, good for flatulence and constipation. Those people who feel a complaint of heaviness in the stomach after eating, gas and flatulence, if these people use three grams of Kalonji after eating, not only will the complaint go away, but the stomach will also be corrected. 3. Eating kalonji mixed with vinegar kills stomach worms. 4. In the winter, when the mild cold will cause a cold, in such a case, roast the kalonji, grind it well, tie it with a cloth and make a bowl by inhaling it frequently to get rid of the common cold.

it will happen. 5. If sneezing comes down after roasting kalonji and grinding it well and mixing it with olive oil and cooking three drops of it in the nose, sneezing stops. 6 Colony is also a diuretic, and drinking its boiled honey mixed with it removes kidney and bladder stones.

M: The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Whatever you use Kalonji, it is a cure for diseases other than death.” Kalonji is a type of grass. Its plant height is 40 cm. It is very similar to fennel. Chol’s yellowish sisters are black in color and shaped like the middle of an onion. This is the reason why some people do not consider eating onion seeds. The smell of kalonji seeds is strong and the healing effect lasts for seven years. A distinctive feature of Sage Kalonji is that if it is wrapped with agar paste, it gets greasy spots. Kalonji seeds are used for flavoring and flavoring. And the small triangles in the mast and sauce are from the B. Clotii black family. Which has many benefits. They are fast acting.

Today’s robotic life and modern gadgets have left humans with neurological paralysis. . Kalonji is very useful in stomach and stomach ailments and lung problems, especially asthma. It is useful to take half a gram to a gram of Kalonji powder orally in the morning and evening before going to bed. Occasionally take an equal amount of Kalonji and Qasat Sheer and make a compress and use it.

Kidney protection.

Kawti has many edges and high or low level reduction characteristics. he is

Effective in reducing kidney complications due to the rule. Kidney stones and it

Use northern fennel to make it good for you

Properties: Clots are rich in antioxidants that can reduce the effects of carcinogenic free radicals. Eating fennel on an empty stomach helps protect you from breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, and early cancers.

Eating fennel on an empty stomach can be beneficial for health. However, before using Cloni for any medical condition, please obtain an Ayurvedic Pyaar Ho or consult a professional to prevent three problems that may arise in the future.

Effective in weight loss.

Taking it on an empty stomach can also help you lose weight. In fact, if you want to get fit, you need to boost your metabolism. Clooney tea can be effective in increasing the metabolism. In such a case, you can reduce your weight by using Klonji. It may reduce inflammation. Fenugreek seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce various chronic infections. It can be effective in reducing joint problems. In Ayurveda, gout patients are advised to use Kalonji oil on an empty stomach daily.

10 benefits of how to eat kalonji from the experts

Various types of spices are used in Pakistani homes. This spice enhances the taste of food but is also very beneficial for health. cumin ? These spices include celery and coriander. which is used a lot. Colonial, which many people also call black cumin. You can find it easily in the statement. Breast not only imparts the taste of food, but it has many benefits for your body as well. Consuming celery in the morning on an empty stomach offers many health benefits. Colonial beets are rich in nutrients such as amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin B12, niacin, and vitamin C, and its oil is more beneficial than other oils. Because it is rich in many essential elements such as fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Let’s know how to eat the empty parish Klonji

The power of the masculine and Klonji

A very simple konji diet if taken daily for breakfast can amazingly increase a man’s strength. Mix a cup of kalonji seeds with two pieces of fenugreek seeds and then drink a glass of milk. See amazing results in just six weeks. Its use not only increases male potency, but also prevents many diseases if used regularly, and also controls bad cholesterol in the body.

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