√ Change selfie to landscape mode on Android

When we aim to use an object as an image, its shape is generally divided into two forms which are portrait and landscape. Can the results be changed?

I suppose Android users want it Convert portrait photos to landscape on Android. Is there a way that can be done to achieve this?

Of course there is! Not Android if you can’t fulfill the user’s desires. For this reason, the trick to converting selfies to landscape on Android is definitely there.

You can find more information about tips and tricks in the following information!

How to Change Portrait Photos to Landscape on Android

Convert portrait photos to landscape using Gallery app

How to change the profile picture to landscape on Android, first use the Gallery app.

Yes, the gallery turns out to be useful for turning portraits into landscapes without many people realizing.

This is because the default app on Android has the ability to edit photos. How to change it through gallery app is very easy. The steps are as follows:

How to change landscape photos into portrait
  • First, open the Gallery app
  • Next, find the photos to be edited from portrait to landscape. Then open the image and select the pencil icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  • If so, go into the Edit menu from the gallery and select the icon number two from the right. Choose a play
  • Finally, turn around according to your desires and save.

Easy not to change portrait to landscape through gallery app? Good luck and God bless you!

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Change portraits to landscape photos from Portrait with Picsay Pro

Picsay Pro is an application used for photo editing on Android. This application has many advantages and it is very light in size so that it can be used in different types of Android phones.

Picsay Pro app can be used to do a series of photo editing activities. One of them, Picsay Pro has the ability to turn portraits into landscapes. You who intend to use it, you can download this app in Play Store.

How to edit photos with Picsay Pro app as below:

  • Open Picsay Pro app first
  • Select Get Picture and find the picture you want to change
  • Select Adjust and select Rotate and Reflect
  • Then select Rotate 90 Left or Rotate 90 Right.
  • If the image playback is finished, you can save it.
  • To save it, select Export and save the photo to the album.

Using Snapseed

How to change portrait photos to landscapes online

How to change portrait photos to landscape on the latest Android can be done using the Snapseed app. Snapseed is an app specifically designed by Google for managing photos.

This application is an application with a size that is not too big so as not to burden your Android phone. To convert portrait photos to landscape through Snapseed, the method is very easy. The steps are as follows:

  • First of all, open the Snapseed app
  • Select the photo you want to change to landscape and wait for it to load successfully
  • Select the pencil icon and select the writing area
  • Adjust the photo in landscape shape and select the pencil icon and then select Heal
  • Choose the image that looks lower quality with the treatment tool
  • If so, select the third icon from the top on the right
  • Next, select the exports to store and wait for the editing process to complete and the image is changed successfully

Isn’t it easy to change portrait photos to landscapes on Android? You can apply one of the three lessons mentioned above. However, you have to be careful with changing it so that the end results of the image you are changing do not look weird. Good luck and God bless you!

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