This week on “Sunday Morning” (25 September)

The Emmy Award-winning “CBS Sunday Morning” airs on CBS Sundays starting at 9:00 a.m. ET. “Sunday Morning” also airs on the CBS News app starting at 10:30 a.m. ET. (Download here.) Host: Jane Pauley STORY COVER: War streaming – Struggle for viewers | Watching videoThe explosion of streaming services, apps and platforms is delivering more … Read more

Bucin Exam 2022 – READY TO DELIVERY

KAli is admin not sharing tutorials as usual. But this time what the admin shares is a Bucin test to test how bucin are you guys? Is it the same bucin as admin or are you f*ckboy/f*ckgirl?. The procedure for taking the bucin exam this time is as follows. Click button Start Exam Fill … Read more

‘Suicide is 100% preventable’: Event aims to end suicide

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Nashville woman works to connect the community with suicide prevention resources with the inaugural “Together We Are Stronger” event, held in Hadley Park on Saturday. Elizabeth Averill lost her brother, Patrick Otto, to suicide nine years ago. He believed it was something that could have been prevented. “I was the … Read more

Watch Love in Game Latest Telegram Link

MAXstream offers a TV series about teenage romance in content titled Love in Game. This series tells the twists and turns of the romantic journey of two people who meet in an online game. The two fall in love during the game even though they don’t feel the same way in the real world. Love … Read more

Some Britons renew their call for the abolition of the monarchy

LONDON — Britain may feel as though it has stopped supporting after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, but not everyone on the islands agrees that the hereditary monarch should remain the unelected head of state in modern democracies. Polls show that a significant minority – millions of Britons – want to abolish the monarchy. Many of … Read more